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As local woman Cara Lee cooly sips from her martini and smiles at her crush, she feels a slight trickle of worry and a small, unwelcome thought blossoming in her mind.

Having met George on a dating app a few weeks ago, Cara already found herself on date number four, finally getting past the crucial ‘three date broke’ which she’d previously been unable to get past without something happening – most often than not, with the bloke drastically reducing all forms of contact or as she likes to call it, ‘if it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a fuck no.’

But George has so far been the perfect gentleman, consistently keeping in touch and making an effort. And though ordinarily this would have had her jumping for joy, she finds herself a little concerned with his interests. Namely, his obsession with World War 2. This was due to being unsure if he was just into history or into…something else.

“It really boggles the mind”, says George, his eyes lighting up with passion, “the vile things humans are capable of in the right circumstances.”

“How quickly they can dehumanise others. I mean, I consider myself a good person but who knows what I’d be like if I suddenly found myself in the trenches.”

“Despite the awful destruction he caused, you can’t deny that Hitler wasn’t powerfully influential and strategic. 

Nodding as she took a big gulp from her glass, Cara still isn’t sure what side of the war George stands on.

“You see those same tactics used today, he was an expert at propaganda and so is Putin. It really is true, that history repeats itself.”

“Which is awful”, interjects Cara.

“Yeah so awful. Fascinating though.”

More to come.


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