A OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE: Anthony Albanese has today ditched the inoffensive chinos and button up, and made a move on his once rusted-on Italian voters in Leichhardt and Carlton.

In conversation with former Australian of the Year Grace Tame, the Opposition Leader discussed his tough upbringing, as she interviewed him in a friendly chat for the women’s magazine InStyle.

The stylish black-and-white photoshoot featured Albanese dressed in a chic trench coat, as he leant heavily into a Scorsese-esque mob boss theme.

Throughout the course of the interview, it became quite clear that the Labor leader shares a much friendlier relationship with the young survivor advocate than the Prime Minister – who treats her like an inconvenient little feminist who lacks the respect to treat men like Gods.

But Albanese wasn’t just dressed the part for this Scorsese rebrand, he also appears to have nailed the gentle caporegime talking points.

While sounding like a rags-to-riches mafioso figure, Albanese recounted how his single mother, Maryanne, struggled to bring him up in her Camperdown council house in Sydney’s Inner West in the 1960s.

In a heartfelt exchange that would make the increasingly snarky Prime Minister furious, Mr Albanese suddenly paused his story midway through the interview when it became clear that he had left the Australian Of The Year in tears.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you there…’ he told the former Australian of the Year,

Ms Tame replied: ‘No, it’s just, yeah, I respect that so much…” in reference to Albanese’s tribute to his late mother.

The InStyle photoshoot appears to have done wonders for the Labor Leader’s polling amongst Australians that pronounce his name ‘Albunayzee’ – with his tender honesty and softly spoken demeanour appearing to emulate Don Corleone on the day of his daughter’s wedding.

After successfully winning over the nonnos and nonnas in the urban neighbourhoods of Victoria and New South Wales, Albanese is expected to make a move on the Queensland Italians next. The Opposition Leader will also feature on a front page of Country Life magazine in full khaki workwear while posing in the sugarcane fields south of Ingham.


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