American broadcaster CBS is facing a wave of criticism today, after “butchering” the annual Grammy Awards.

Created to honour the best recordings, compositions, and artists, as chosen by the members of The Recording Academy – the Grammys has traditonally been western music’s night of nights.

Instead, it’s turned into the Travis Kelce show.

“What the HELL is this,” tweeted one angry Grammy’s viewer a short time ago.

“I tuned in to watch the Grammys, not some football jock watch the Grammys!!!!!”

Tweets along those lines have flooded X (formerly Twitter) over the last couple of hours, as the coverage of Taylor Swift’s new squeeze intensified.

Initially rumoured to be a PR play, the Kansas City Tight End and the country turned pop megastar have been seeing each other for nearly a year now.

That of course has lead to Taylor being given a bit of airtime at her boyfriend’s games – given she’s by far the most famous person in the arena each and every single time she attends an NFL game.

While you’d imagine fans would like to see their game grow and would be happy for the army of new fans that T Swizzle has brought across, her appearances on the TV screen have drawn the ire of plenty on social media.

Despite only appearing on screen for an average or 25 seconds during the National Football Ad Fest, many have taken to social media to go off on the coverage of the global pop superstar.

Now, it seems the shoe is on the other foot, and music fans aren’t happy.

“I don’t care about some hunky meat head from Kansas,” tweeted another angry fan.

“I just want to see Combsy and Trace play Fast Car without having to see shots of Taylor’s boyfriend every two seconds!”



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