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Former wrist-spinner turned Test opener Steve Smith has taken to social media this afternoon after his beloved Nintendo Switch went missing in transit from the Australian Cricket Team’s base in Sydney this week.

The colourful cricketing identity explained in a short video that he “doesn’t lose things” and that he’s positive that some “light-fingered little sausage” as rifled through his bag and pinched the only thing that keeps him sane during the long days spent waiting in a dressing room.

While not too fussed with the console itself, Smith said he’s more concerned about the save files for his various games. Most importantly, his Zelda profile.

“Whoever has taken it has gone through everything, past my baggy greens and through my bats, to find my Switch,” he said in the piece to camera.

“You can keep the Switch, I just want my save files. If you return it safely, I will let you keep the Switch and you can have any pair of my shoes, or you can have a hat or a backpack. It was either a Qantas baggage handler or a person at our hotel in Sydney or Brisbane or perhaps even someone from Rex because I prefer to fly Rex because they have funny names for things like their exit row seats are called ‘Rextra Regroom’ which I find personally quite amusing and things like that plus they have the best lollies in the Rex Lounge and so in places like the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge, you like keep getting accosted by red-faced and day-drunk business people AND politicians THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING and some of them just want to make uncomfortable eye contact with you so I prefer the Rex Lounge,”

“On Rex sometimes, they even let me vape in my seat. Last time, a hostie caught me and shook her head and said, ‘Sorry Mr Smith, I’m going to have to vape tax you!’ and she took a big honk and gave it back to me. On Qantas, they take it and put it in a special bag and you get in trouble,”

“Anyway, give me back my Switch you mother fuckers!”

The video has since been removed by Mr Smith’s management.

The Advocate has reached out to Qantas and the Sydney Airport Ibis Hotel (where Mr Smith prefers to stay when in Sydney) for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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