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The sea of demountable buildings that’ve sprung up around Qatar this month has been confused for an average Australian public school by the nation’s peak soccer body, Westfield.

Official brochures provided to Australian soccer fans by the retail giant were supposed to showcase how truly shithouse their accommodations were going to be in Qatar, but accidentally featured images of Australian high schools.

Westfield has since apologised for the error but conceded that it’s an error that’s easily made.

“We regret any hurt caused by the error,” said a spokesperson in Sydney today.

“Our team saw a photograph of a group of demountable buildings at some largely treeless shithole with oppressive ultra-violet radiation baring down on it and just chose it, thinking it was the Qatar Fan Village. We were wrong,”

“It was a public school in South Australia.”

On average, an Australian public school is made up of somewhere between 50% and 100% demountable classrooms with only the luckiest of students having the privilege of studying in bricks and mortar. The trend has also spilled over into the private sector, with non-government schools around Australia building more and more of the depressing dog boxes to squeeze more and more blazer-wearing cunt students in.

Sadly, some students in Australia even have to shit in demountable toilets.

More to come.


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