Improving workplace productivity should be the obsessive hobby of everyone with goals and a pulse.

Just as our agricultural forebears looked to irrigation and horticultural domestication to refine their farming systems, we should look to daily WIP meetings and a #random channel on Slack to improve our financial harvest.

Yes, our first farmers didn’t know it yet, but they were sewing the first seeds of output optimization by pulling together, getting the best result for everyone and even better results for our key stakeholders. 

With that in mind, would you mind resending that link to me please?

I’d search my inbox for it but as you know I have been flat chat recently and have barely had time to read an email from important people, let alone you.

Resending it to me shouldn’t be too difficult as I know you worked a weekend last month to get this project done on time, so a few minutes to get it over to me so I can finally look at it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

If you are able to look into this as a priority it would be greatly appreciated as that way at least one person will be prioritising this project that is of vital importance to our company.

I am aware it is not your job to resend comms that have already been delivered on the agreed upon time, however, as a small team we are all managing tasks that are outside of our purview.

For instance, I have taken up managing your team after my immediate left the business. This is not strictly my responsibility as I have not received a pay rise or even an updated job description however I am aware that it is a short-term solution and should only continue for as long as I’m in this job.

Sorry to dump all of this on you! I can assure you any frustration you feel is shared by me and the board who additionally have to deal with the grief of employees doing the bare minimum just because that is what they are paid to do.

Allow me to assure you, the irony that the time it has taken me to write this could have been spent searching for the email you sent weeks ago is certainly not lost on me. Penning long and borderline unreadable correspondence packed with management speak and dipped in passive aggression is a cornerstone of something called our company culture. 

I look forward to discussing this project during a coffee catch up in two weeks, at which time I will inform you that the task has changed and your hard work was even more pointless than usual.


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