The nicest yet certifiably oddest kid from Betoota Heights High’s graduating year has revealed what she will be doing with her time next year.

Although she wasn’t planning to publicly broadcast her plans, Amelia Voss (18) of Betoota Heights admitted she will be doing community work in Vanuatu next year, when asked by her principal as she received the 2022 Citizenship Award. 

According to Voss’s classmates, none of them are shocked as they all agree Amelia is the most selfless weirdo in the whole school.

“Once she got over that horse phase she was all charity,” stated student Anthea Stewart, Amelia’s best friend, she guesses.

“She’s up at 5am for the Sunday markets selling banana and carob muffins to raise money for the women’s shelter.”

“Why anyone would put carob in a muffin is baffling to me but it’s for a good cause.”

While other students from her year will spend 2023 getting drunk in locations respective of their socio-economic status, Voss will be in the remote Lakenlangia village without electricity, plumbing or a way to let her followers know what she is doing.

According to Voss, she doesn’t care about social media and is more concerned with social change, which is weird because she really seems to mean it.

“I would like to have done it sooner but I had school,” said Voss, doing a weird sort of awkward laugh as if she’d just told a joke.

“Public schools in Vanuatu are basically non-existent which is why we’ll be building a local learning centre. You can sponsor me if you like, the money goes towards sending the local kids to school!”

With actions this selfless, many have claimed that Voss must just be a good person, which people might find weird, misleading, or whatever else they need to think to feel like they too are a good person.

“No, I’m not trying to convert them to Christianity, why do you keep asking that?”


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