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The defacto leader of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Western Australia [DPRWA] has admitted for the first time today that he simply cannot go on forever shooting opponents of his hard border policy with an anti-aircraft gun.

For nearly two years now, those critical of Mark McGowan’s DPRWA hard border have come face to face with a ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” anti-aircraft system.

However, as the rest of the planet has come to terms with sacrificing their elderly, sick and disabled people upon the High Altar of Standing Up At The Pub And Drinking, it has dawned on the popular leader that he needs to do the same.

“It’s a shame, we have saved a lot of lives,” he said.

“But we’ve also disrupted a lot of lives. Which, I guess, was worth it? I guess we’ll see in the long run.”

Mr McGowan then changed his tone.

“I will not apologise for saving lives. There are people who will live longer, happier lives in the DPRWA because of what action I took. Sure, Twiggy Forrest could come and go as he pleased. That’s because he’s a billionaire. He creates more wealth here than some Fremantle propeller head with a guitar in one hand and Tim Winton’s ponytail in the other,” he said.

“So, criticise my hard border but don’t criticise me,”

“Or else, you’ll get the Shilka.”

More to come.


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