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Though blush is a beauty staple heralded by many, it can be a real pain in the ass when you break it. Because that shit gets fucking everywhere.

Local woman Georgia Hayworth [24] has unfortunately learnt this the hard way, after saving up for a nice blush from Mecca that was pigmented enough to breathe life into her extremely melanin deficient skin. This was after dealing with budget bin blushes that either made her look like a clown, or had so little effect she smother her whole face in it, and you wouldn’t see a shade of difference.

However, if you’re going to shill out the extra dollars for a pigmented blush, proper care needs to be taken – and for someone like Georgia, it was like being handed an active bomb.

It’s alleged Georgia had made the mortal mistake of carelessly shoving the palette into a bag for a sleepover at a mate’s, causing the powder to break into hundreds of tiny shards. Like Chekhov’s gun, Georgia had noticed the broken powder one morning but had simply shrugged it off, deeming it a minor convenience that wouldn’t impact the quality of the blush.

But unfortunately, she’d forgotten that when it comes to broken blush, it often comes spilling out at the worst possible time…never on tiles or wooden flooring, mind you.

As she’d mindlessly opened the lid to apply it in front of her bedroom mirror, the shards quickly wreaked havoc on her white carpet, spreading wide and sinking fast into the nylon fibres.

Despite attacking it immediately with a wet cloth and bi carb soda, the blush could not be removed, only lessening slightly to a less offensive shade of pink – signalling goodbye to her $1k bond.

More to come.


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