In a shocking turn of events, masculine icon Jerry Seinfeld, the comedic powerhouse who once ruled 90s light entertainment TV with an iron fist, has mourned the apparent disappearance of “dominant masculinity” in today’s society.

Seinfeld, known for his razor-sharp observational humor and his groundbreaking sitcom about nothing, expressed his nostalgia for the days when alpha males were revered.

Despite many saying that the shift in what it is to be a “man” was challenged by people like Jerry himself, he recently appeared in a bizarre interview saying he misses “dominant masculinity”.

Others have been quick to point out that Jerry’s writing partner, Larry David, definitely didn’t hold back in his “masculinity” for the following 15 years after Seinfeld.

Seinfeld’s longing for a bygone era where masculinity was defined by stoicism, being a protector and bottling all of your emotions until an unsuspecting shop keeper at 5pm on a Tuesday finally bursts your emotional-dam. 

The man who famously brought us neurotic and emotionally complex male storylines now finds himself yearning for the simplicity of unapologetic macho culture.

Jerry Seinfeld has been congratulated by friends and family for achieving one of life’s great milestones for rich white dudes, he’s started complaining about how soft everyone is except for himself.


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