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A bloke who works for one of the ‘Big 4’ has this week showed that he’s not like other corporate drones, if the novelty socks peeking out from below his suit pants is anything to go by.

Drew Sully [34] is said to have secured a plum role at Deloitte roughly five years ago, and quickly fell into the yuppie vortex of working long hours, training for a triathlon and binge watching a tv series with his wife on one of their many streaming subscriptions.

But the rebellious side of Drew doesn’t want to fall into the ‘accountant being devoid of any personality’ cliche, which is why he’s bought a steady rotation of silly socks!

Showing our reporter his drawer of perfectly ironed, folded socks, Drew picks out some of his favourite pairs.

“This one is cheeseburgers because I really like cheeseburgers”, says an excited Drew, “and these ones are hotdogs haha.”

“But it’s not just food, I’ve got rubber ducky ones and Rick and Morty too.”

“Oh wait those are Pickle Rick so technically is food hahahha.”

It’s alleged Drew got away with rebelling for a further six weeks, before his boss had a quiet sit down with him after copping an eyeful of his outrageous pineapple ones.

More to come.


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