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A bloke who finally caved and downloaded this Be Real app everybody’s been talking about has found himself deleting it just three days later, after copping several selfies of his mate’s taking a shit.

James Silvey [27] tells our reporter that he’s already been dealt enough nudity with Snapchat, stating that he now received twice as many photos of nutsacks and dick pics now that he’s downloaded the French social media app.

Quickly adding that he did not partake in this trend and instead sends photos of himself at the worksite, James says he’s surprised at just how many times a day his mates needed to go to the toilet – adding that he feels especially bad for their wives.

The app gives users a notification at a random point of the day, where both their front and back camera will take a snap. This is in an effort to be more ‘real’, and encourage people to take unfiltered photos of what they’re doing.

Unfortunately for James, his mate’s are a little too unfiltered – resulting in him getting photos of them straddling a toilet and a view of their dunny ceiling, up to four times a day.

“Yeah it was funny at first, but pretty hard to explain at work when you open your phone and your mate’s cupping his old fella on the loo.”

“You can imagine that went down well.”

Deleting the app from his phone, James says it would prefer it if his mates were more fake instead.

“Nah sent me one of those dog filter selfies or something.”

“I’m sick of photos I can smell.”

More to come.


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