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In a surprise twist of events, the ‘Chinese spy balloon’ shot down off a US eastern coastline is discovered to have been an elaborate stunt, after crowds at Myrtle Beach report seeing a spray of pink cascading into the ocean.

Though the US government had been quick to report it as a Chinese spy device, it can be revealed that the military had severely overestimated the severity of the threat and were reportedly quite embarrassed at wasting hundreds of thousands in resources.

However, a South Carolina couple has since come forward and admitted that the balloon was theirs, and that it had simply been a case of a gender reveal stunt gone wrong but that they’re also ‘over the moon’ of news they will be having a girl.

“We just wanted to get involved with the whole obnoxious gender reveal thing”, admits John Forrester [32], “but we may have taken it a little bit too far.”

Stating that the original plan was to release it and shoot it down with a gun, John says unfortunately his aim had been way off and that he’d accidentally shot a bystander in the foot instead.

“Look, it’s not ideal, and we may have copped a $50,000 fine.”

“But at least now we can say we have the most famous gender reveal in history.”

“Take that wildfire couple.”

More to come.


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