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A local couple had to decide whether to go to bed hungry or order a KFC bucket last night after boyfriend, Joel attempted to make a lasagne, which judging by the burnt, sloppy mess on their plates, did not go to plan.

“Babe, I dunno if I can eat this” said a slightly queasy Emily as she pushed away her plate.

“Nah just give it a try, it can’t taste as bad as it looks. What about an Eton Mess? They’re the dessert version of this and they’re delicious!” pleaded Joel.

Wanting to support her partner, Emily ate the lasagne but as she tells The Advocate, she was not happy about it.

“Yeah it was pretty disappointing. I don’t usually like to waste my internal real estate with shit food, I pack on the KG’s quite easily so if I’m going to eat indulgent food, it better be the best damn food I’ve ever eaten”

“I’m also struggling to understand how he screwed it up though, lasagne is so easy to make and there are recipes to follow. If you just follow the instructions, you’ll be right, he just has no attention to detail”

Sensing there was undertone of frustration that couldn’t just be the lasagne’s fault, our reporter kept digging.

“Well yeah there is something else, every morning I ask him to make the bed and he doesn’t – come to think of it, our messy bed looks like his pathetic excuse for a lasagne”

Emily’s frustration certainly came out but she is not to blame, it is a known fact that men have little care for making beds and don’t have the dexterity to successfully make a lasagne.

More to come.


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