Uni Toilets Slammed For Promoting Dangerous Body Image With Unachievable Thigh Gaps

Commentators agree that if Robert Menzies could see what has happened to this fine country, he'd turn his head and cry.

Uni Toilets Slammed For Promoting Dangerous Body Image With Unachievable Thigh Gaps

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AS THERE’S NOW ALMOST THREE TIMES as many genders as there was twenty years ago, the current toilet signage found throughout the world is coming under fire from everyday people.

While being insensitive to melange sexualities and genders, the signs have also come under attack for not reinforcing a positive body image because of how the legs of the figures are depicted.

Now the original designers are being asked to come up with an alternative.

Speaking from a university lawn this morning, one socialist remarked that the archaic and patriarchal signs need to go before any more harm is done to self-esteems.

“The signage on toilet doors reinforce a negative body image. Just recently when I emptied myself into a Circular Quay public toilet, I heard a child ask it’s mother” ‘Mummy, why don’t my legs look like that?’ From then on, I needed to do something, just as long as it wasn’t too hard,” said Sydney University phrenology student Ashely Cameron.

“By taking a stand against institutions like the one educating me, people should start to get that the current toilet signage around the globe doesn’t exactly scream 2016.”

When asked what a viable alternative could be, Cameron reminded us that other non-Western cultures have gone without fat shaming toilet door signage for nearly the entirety of recorded history.

“Just look at parts of Asia, they don’t have any oppressive signage anywhere. They have a system of open defecation that’s both better for the environment and healing for people with self-esteem issues. If Clover Moore got off her arse and created some designated shitting streets for people to de-cork their colon wine, we’d all be much better off.”

The Advocate approached the Attorney-General’s office for comment but we were told that if we try to contact them again, we wouldn’t last longer than a useless dog on a sheep station.

5 Responses to "Uni Toilets Slammed For Promoting Dangerous Body Image With Unachievable Thigh Gaps"

  1. Gary   March 29, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Yeah someone’s feelings are hurt – just turn us into Asia shitting in the gutter – fucking bleeding heart leftards. Have you ever been to China? I haven’t but I hear it’s a shithole.

    PC university communists trying to screw the country up again – get back to your barista jobs, dickheads.

  2. adrian   March 30, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    phrenology – love it. I wish I could go back as a mature age student (with shaved head) and let them know all about the “real world”

  3. Ian Harris   December 11, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    This is just another dog whistle article by a completely biased rag. I don’t know when the Advocate will start to concentrate its ire on some real issues. Ones that resonate with its largely analphabetic readership. An in depth investigation into why does the …… something…….

  4. Willy   December 12, 2016 at 12:29 am

    I think that Gary may have missed the point…

  5. Rachel TenShen   December 12, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    I can’t believe that such a trusted and esteemeed institution as the Betoota Advocate thinks its okay to mock people just for wanting to change their bits and dress differently.

    And speaking about the harm that bathroom signs can do I have a great deal of anxiety of how my neck should look- the signs never give any guidance on necks!

    Shame on Betoota and Shame on the Attorney-Generals office.


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