22 September, 2016. 13:34

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SOUTHERN RAP SENSATION LUDACRIS had some choice words for the Australian prime minister last in New York after the pair shook hands at a meet and greet hosted by Melbournese businessman Antony Pratt.

The heir to the Visy cardboard empire threw a party for the Liberal leader as he wraps up his whirlwind tour of the United States that saw him speak to the United Nations and shake hands with other important people of colour.

However, it’s been reported that Ludacris instructed the prime minister to ‘move bitch, get out tha way’ as he was keen to speak with wife Lucy, who’s uncle penned the rapper’s favourite book – The Fatal Shore.

“Yo dawg, I respect ya’ll and ya’ll country and shit. But shit don’t make me act da fool, get out that way many lemmie speak to dis dime piece. Her uncle wrote The Fatal Shore, man. That’s my slow jam,” said the rapper.

Mr Turnbull then stepped aside and introduced Lucy to Ludacris, who smiled and professed his love for the Robert Hughes’ periodic masterpiece.

“I read dat paper in school, gurl, It’s tiight, ya’ll.” he said.

An intern then stepped in and informed Mr Cris that Lucy’s favourite album of all time wasn’t Abbey Road by The Beatles as previously reported, but Ludacris’ 2001 released Word of Mouf.

The southern rapper later escorted a star-struck former Lord Mayor of Sydney to the bar, where they ordered chicken and beer.

Mr Turnbull then turned to his chief of staff and asked him to bring the car around. Immediately.

More to come.


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