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The Abuja based arm of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is today reeling from the news that iTunes will be no more.

In what comes as a devastating blow for the ATO officers based in Nigeria’s capital, it’s looking like plenty of ex-pats and locals may need to look for more work, or look to diversify within the organisation.

While it doesn’t officially fall under the wing of the Canberra based Australian Taxation Office’s rule, the Nigerian arm has long been doing it’s best to recover tax debts on behalf of the government for some time now.

Through consistent hassling of our nation’s baby boomers and pensioners, the Nigerian based ATO has managed to recover significant tax debt (even from people who don’t owe the ATO a cent) in the form of iTunes gift cards.

“Yes, the news that iTunes is shutting down is a big problem for us,” explained a spokesperson for the overseas office.

“We are currently looking a re-structuring while we assess the best way our company should recover debt and meet it’s KPI’s.”

“We will be getting rid of as many people carrying out the day to day work of getting boomers who don’t want to go to jail to send iTunes gift cards, in an effort to ensure we can keep as many middle managers as possible.”

“But I would say this to the people of Australia, don’t think that you will get away with not paying your taxes, or making claims for things under $150 that you hope the ATO won’t check on. If you don’t send gift cards to us, you will be going to jail.”


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