As cable and free-to-air continue to struggle in Australia, a new study has been conducted to identify just what it is that streaming platforms are offering to make them so popular.

The new report, which was carried out by the ACMA, has found that on top of convenience and superior content – services like Stan and Netflix are able to maintain customers purely because of their sensational action movie artwork.

However, while the Murdoch media continues to scramble for relevance by blackmailing the Federal government into building an NBN service so lacklustre that Australians are forced to rely on print news and Foxtel – it appears that TV viewers are more than willing to cop internet buffering if it means they don’t have to watch anymore Buffy re-runs.

Netflix has continued its impressive growth over the last year with over 9.8 million Australians in the June 2018 quarter now having a Netflix subscription in their household – up nearly 30% on a year ago.

Since then over 10 million Australians now have access to Netflix content, based on the growth shown by Roy Morgan Single Source interviews with more than 50,000 Australians over the last 12 months.

The report has found that while Netflix audiences love being able to choose when and where they decide to sit down and watch sub-tier, non-HBO programmes – the service could actually do with providing even more photos of Jason Statham diving sideways with shooting.

The survey found that over 92% of Netflix users would appreciate at least one or two more ‘Transporter’ sequels – or possibly even new artwork for the Fast and The Furious movies, as long as they show Statham diving sideways while shooting.

The survey also found that Adam Sandler movies are just there to make up the numbers.

With majority of users preferring to re-watch ‘Crank’ over anything made by Happy Maddison productions.


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