In some exciting news from the Eastern European nation of Ukraine – Gus Gould is in the building!

The iconic Rugby League commentator and personality has reportedly been flown over to provide a special occasion pre-game monologue for the global conflict about to kick off in Ukraine.

On the eve of battle between the initial 130,000 Russian deployment and whatever is in Ukraine, it’s believed the Panthers die-hard is set to give his most spine-tingling speech yet.

The Advocate has managed to obtain a first draft of the Last Word for the people at home. It reads as follows;

Thank you. I want to talk about bravery.

In these final moments in the dressing rooms of war, these players are at their most nervous.

The rookie players may have watched War docos on TV, they may have fired off a few live rounds in training drills.

But it’s about to hit them in the face and there is no doubt they will start to have insecurities, do I deserve to be here, what will it really be like? Will I be good enough? What will I feel when my skull gets opened up? Will I feel anything? Or will it be a state of nirvana?

But, it’s fear of the unknown that starts to grab them.

For the players that have been here before, it’s fear of the known. They’ve already experienced what a small-scale invasion is like. They know they need to get back to this level every time and steel themselves. 

That’s not easy when you know how much it’s going to hurt.

There was a passage I read in the Game of ‘Thrones’ many years ago of a conversation wean the father and his son.

The son asked is it possible for a man to still be considered brave when on the inside he is truly afraid? To which his father replied – when you’re truly afraid, that is the only time a man can be brave and that’s what you will see tonight.

Nerves, insecurity, fear, it will give way to courage and bravery. It will give way to the commitment you have to your teammates and your nation. It will give way to the commitment you have to do whatever is necessary to win.

Why? Because that’s what warriors do.

Let’s cheer on these brave souls and let’s hope they can be Origin players tonight. Enjoy your World War 3.

It’s believed there may be some minor tweaks, but it should make for a belter nonetheless.

More to come.


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