The media machine behind the family responsible for the raping and pillaging of half the Indigenous communities on planet Earth, have this week put their foot down to set a few things straight about that arrogant colony woman that married their wayward Prince.

Ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s appearance in a tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview special next week, Buckingham Palace have done their best to get ahead of any revelations by circulating a calculated ‘black bitch’ narrative through the sycophantic British tabloid press.

It is alleged, by those same newspapers, that Meghan bullied several royal household staff during her time at Kensington Palace.

This is the first recorded reports of a member of the royal family treating their staff like shit.

The British people are today struggling with the fact that a unfathomable wealthy woman who has been told to sacrifice her dreams in order to uphold ancient traditions of an inbred patriarchal aristocracy that serves no purpose other than to show up at events and get photographed, could be rather nasty to the people who are paid to wait on her hand on foot.

The Times newspaper reported a complaint was made by an adviser over the Duchess of Sussex in October 2018, around about the time that Meghan Markle may have been finally getting her head around why her husband’s mother’s life had spun out of control with each shutter of a paparazzi camera.

The Palace have today continued their pearl-clutching, with some even suggesting that Meghan is the nastiest Royal since Queen Mary I of England tried to violently reverse her father’s decision to convert the entire British Empire from Catholic to his made-up Protestant religion that allowed men to do away with their wives without having to cut their heads off.

Nicknamed Bloody Mary by the vast numbers of protestants that she slaughtered and burnt at the stake for refusing to convert back from the religion her father had converted to in the first place – only this week has the notorious Queen had her legacy the biggest bitch to ever set foot in Buckingham Palace threatened.

Her father, Henry VIII, who was the King that everyone talks about because his went mad with syphilis and convinced himself he was bigger than the Pope’s interpretation of Jesus – and decided to reform Christianity so that he could get married for the sixth time.

After tearing British society apart, and condeming the people of Ireland to cenutries of sectarian violence related to her family’s wish-washy approaching to religion, Bloody Mary’s gruesome re-establishment of Roman Catholicism was quickly reversed by her younger half-sister and successor, Elizabeth I.

However, this week, it seems Mary I is no longer the supervillian of the Commonwealth.

Reports that an overwhelmed Meghan Markle might have also worn ear rings gifted to her by a war-mongering Saudi Royal who she knows nothing about is also not a good look for the couple that shocked the royal family by stepping back from their roles in March last year and moving to the United States with their baby son Archie.

The Queen was asked for comment but she was too busy nursing that racist old prick that hates visiting Australia.


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