Paul McCartney getting faded with Kanye West at last months BET Awards PHOTO: VIBE Magazine
Paul McCartney getting faded with Kanye West at last months BET Awards PHOTO: VIBE Magazine
Paul McCartney getting faded with Kanye West at last month’s BET Awards PHOTO: VIBE Magazine

3 January, 2015. 08:59


If you haven’t heard the song yet. Listen to it.

Recorded in September and released on New Year’s Eve, the Kanye West and Paul McCartney collaboration is billed as the most important record this century. A perfect fusion of modern hip hop production and 1960’s rock and roll.

Titled “Only One” – the record is the first song released by West since the release of his sixth studio album Yeezus – and is a tribute to West’s daughter, North.

Kanye has taken the peculiar path of singing the song himself – heavily autotuned – from the perspective of his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

The most amazing development since the song’s release is the comments made by McCartney when speaking to Rolling Stone Magazine on the 2nd of January. The former Beatle was quick to praise Kanye West and announced they would be returning to the studio the following day.

“Kanye has shown me a new side to music. I feel like I’m eighteen again, making women faint at the airport. He really is the most amazing creative mind to come out of America – and maybe even the UK,”

Paul McCartney praising Kanye West on twitter after their return to the studio
Paul McCartney praising Kanye West on twitter after their return to the studio


“I’ve thought this for a while, ever since he dropped N*ggas in Paris – That was some gangsta shit – but to actually work with him. It just confirmed it. If he was 40 years older we would have found a way to enlist him in the Beatles. He would have offered so much more than Ringo and John,”

When asked further about his comments regarding Ringo Starr and John Lennon, McCartney appeared unashamed in clarifying his praise for the man dubbed ‘Yeezus’.

“You’ve heard Ringo’s solo rubbish, and you’ve heard John’s creepy save-the-world shit… Kanye West runs rings around all of that. Don’t get me wrong – The Beatles worked well together… but if we had Yeezus instead of either of those two – wow!”

When asked for comment about McCartney’s “better than Lennon” remarks, Kanye West appeared quite bashful.

“[Laughs] Did he say that? – that is so Paul. I feel like we are such good friends now. He’s definitely replaced Jay-Z as my mentor. Jay could only get me so far… plus now I got Kim and North bringing me down…”


“But yes, Paul did mention that in the studio. It didn’t surprise me really. Notice how Paul wasn’t the one doing vocals in the song? Ha (sic) I used autotune so I didn’t show him up… I sing better than any Beatle ever did. Paul knows that.”

Kanye's response to Paul McCartney's praises
Kanye’s response to Paul McCartney’s praises


The track is the first of two rumoured releases and includes uncredited vocals from fellow Chicago musicians Ty Dollar Sign and TPR. Kanye West is described in a press release as not being able to remember singing the words to “Only One” when he and McCartney were later reviewing the early 2014 sessions that generated the song.

Later, West “realized that perhaps the words had never really come from him … he understood in that moment that his late mother, Dr. Donda West, who was also his mentor, confidante, and best friend, had spoken through him that day … A message had been passed down through generations.”


  1. Bahahaha at all of you twats who think Paul McCartney actually wrote all that “better than Lennon” garbage. West is so full of himself, he writes his own delusional claptrap.Such a wanker!

  2. Paul McCartney is a strange man. Who is Kanye West? Oh, I guess he is well known because auto correct just gave me his sir name. Piss off Paul. You have nothing on John Lennon.

  3. This is so Kanye, he’s so full of himself, Paul McCarney would never say such Stupidity
    This is because of all the people who came out and told those ignorant fans of this singer wannabee who Sir Paul McCarney is.
    It’s ridiculous just to say such crap, this is another proof that you should not always believe what you read in the press, this West guy is delucional.

  4. There is NO WAY on G*** green Earth that Sir Paul said those things!!… If Sir Paul sees those comments, he should immediately confront Kanye, and demand a retraction…

  5. Paul mccartney was and Is dead in the head ! John knew that.only billionaire never to give to charities.he is so un-Lennon and so un harrison.he is atoll indebted to fidelity investments.It really sad what’s happened to him.also he hasn’thad a hit song since live and let die Late80s Honestly I don t know how john put up with him so long.remember a few years ago when he insisted “his songs” be changed from len Mac to mccartney lennon ,is he kidding ,sick ego.your paul mccartney for God sake !unbelievable…


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