A former ‘wine mum’ has paid tribute to her forgone tipple today by giving her freshly pumped breast milk a good oxidising swirl to activate the flavours of her home brew.

As seen on Pinterest and cafes with a really curly font, wine mums are a subculture of female child-rearers who have an enthusiastic interest in grape based alcoholic beverages and the subsequent memes.

A self-confessed wine mum, Betoota mum Tianna Wembly (29) had to take a break from drinking alcohol while pregnant with, and currently breastfeeding, her second child Abby (0).

Although able to go without her favourite beverage, old habits are dying hard in the Wembly household as the matriarch can’t turn down a chance to give her life giving milk the sort of swirl she once would have given a $8 rose for the hell of it.

“Hmmm, it was a wet winter,” joked Wembly, mocking professional wine tasting while pretending to sip her own breast milk.

“Abby has already got her tasting technique downpat, as in she spits half of it out most of the time.”


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