The nation’s most unreliable airline Jetstar is being reprimanded this evening after pulling the handbrake on a local girl’s dream holiday.

After spotting a Jetstar ad on the side of a bus spruiking $109 flights to Japan, local girl Kayley Middlestone (34) has been thinking she’ll finally get her chance to wander the streets of Tokyo and maybe even visit the Ghibli Museum.

But after being served the same ads non stop in her instagram feed, it’s alleged Kayley couldn’t ignore the deals given they continued to follow her across the internet and turn up every time she clicked through to whatever website she found herself on.

With 12 days of leave banked up and some hard earned savings ready to blow, Kayley tonight decided she’d check to see how viable it would be to jet off to the land of the rising sun, and score a holiday before the end of the year.

Clicking through to the Jetstar portal, which last year was awarded “Australia’s Most Anxiety Inducing Website” by the BCCC (Betoota Competition and Consumer Commission), Kayley was disappointed to learn the $109 flights that seemed a little too good to be true, didn’t exactly exist.

Scouring the Jetstar calendar for available flights to Tokyo via Brisbane, Kayley was greeted with a bunch of pricey flights that cost the same as her yearly rego and car insurance fees.

“Every date on offer is $1000 one-way excluding baggage, I don’t even think I get a free muesli bar on those flights!” Kayley bemoaned to The Advocate.

“The cheapest I can find is $850 bucks and that’s for June 2024.”

Scrubbing through every month available, Kayley’s quest for a deal drove her to spiral deep within the murky vortex of Jetstar’s flight availability and quickly lose track of time.

“There they are, $109 one way!” she exclaimed, “Jesus they’re for March 2027…” sighed Kayley.

“And those Kents have snuck in a six hour layover in Cairns and another four hours in South Korea.”

“Stuff em’, I might as well just book something to Melbourne while I’m here.”


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