As post-pandemic waves of immigration opes back up to Australia, it is once again surprising how many foreigners are trying their luck in Perth.

Whether it’s by accident or a result of misinformation, it appears that close to 100,000 newcomers will settle in Western Australia this year – and the city has never looked better.

The state’s eighteen hundred breweries are currently at full pelt, serving 32 dollar pints that are free from the bloody money of pokie machine subsidisations.

The South African community is hiding their true politics from the public, the ‘Modern Australian’ restaurants are buzzing and the pub rock is extra psychedelic.

However, the one thing that both Western Australian and Perth are spruiking the loudest, is the beautiful black swans that live in their waterways.

Within Australia, the black swan is nomadic, with erratic migration patterns dependent upon climatic conditions. However, your best shot at seeing one in the wild is in the ‘Swan River’ of Perth, formerly known as the Swan River Colony, which was previously known as the Swan River Settlement.

The West’s obsession with this fairly standard species of waterbird is not lost of new arrivals. Appearing on their flag, beer, and just about every public service department logo.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Premier Mark McGowan said he doesn’t take kindly to his state being ridiculed for their non-stop promotion of the native bird.

“I know what this article is going to be about, and no, I don’t think it’s funny”

“We are a proud people here in the West and the black swan is a symbol of that pride”

“If I could rewrite history, I would have named our club’s expansion team the West Coast Swans, and campaigned for Sydney to choose another name that was more relevant to both them and South Melbourne”

“They don’t deserve that logo. Has anyone ever seen a swan in Sydney? That’s Ibis country”


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