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WORKING HARD TO MAKE his living and seeking shelter from the rain in his New Farm apartment, a Brisbane legal professional says that despite his exclusively private education and six-figure salary, he “can still really identify” to Jimmy Barnes’ immortal classic Working Class Man.

The song first appeared on the 1985 album For the Working Class Man and was the first single released from the album. The single spent 14 weeks in the Australian charts, entering at #21 and peaking at #5

According to Richard Slater, a junior partner at one of the River City’s top law firms, it’s also a song that him and his makes have been peaking to for years.

“I first got around Barnesy at college,” said the 29-year-old lawyer. “Whenever a Chisel, or indeed a Jimmy number came on, my mates and I would report to the “D-Floor” and form a large circle in the middle. Arms over our shoulders, we’d just occupy space and scream out the lyrics.”

Mr Slater is a part of a growing trend of Australians who consider themselves to be a “trans-class”. In addition to enjoying working-class music, Richard also enjoys attending Brisbane Broncos games – often with the people he’s successfully defended against drink driving and assault charges.

“People assume because I started at Brisbane Boys College in pre-school that I go for the Reds,” he said. “Well, I’ve got news for you, cunt.”

Despite growing up in a household with a huge disposable income, Richard says he two favourite holiday destinations are Bali and the south of France. In addition to enjoying time relaxing and doing ketamine on the bogan Mecca, Slater says he also adores playing 18 holes with other members of Queenland’s legal fraternity.

“I think because I’ve been labouring before when I was at university and the fact that I actually think Bali is a nice place, that means I should be able to listen to Jimmy Barnes’ music un-ironically,” he said.



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