Tony Jones holds the floor on Q and A
Tony Jones holds the floor on Q and A

It has today been announced that one of the ABC’s most experienced radio and television current affairs journalists, Tony Jones, will be immortalised in a rushed and poorly articulated official biography.

Over the years, the award-winning journalist reported for Four Corners and Foreign Correspondent, and is the current host of Q&A and Lateline on Wednesday and Thursday nights. His biography is to be titled “Unfortunately, we are out of time” – paying homage to his strict and unorthodox techniques as an overbearing panel host.

The book is made up of chapter-by-chapter contributions from close friends: Clive Palmer, Penny Wong, rapper 360 and comedian Josh Thomas. It briefly outlines his achievements in the world of journalism, without saying too much.

The novel, to be released this week in all creepy ABC bookstores
The Tony Jones Story is set to be released this week in all creepy bookstores

The quick background on Tony Jones describes his honours as a recipient of a Walkley Award for ‘Horses for Courses’ on the Waterhouse racing dynasty, a Penguin Award for ‘My City of Sydney’ on the city’s development boom, and a Gold Medal at the New York Film and Television Festival for ‘Frozen Asset’ on the exploitation of Antarctica –

A spokesperson from ABC Publishing says, while the story is presented as a well-thought out and relevant biographical memoir, unfortunately, they are going to have to take it as a comment.


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