In some breaking news out of the home of Rugby League, one of the icons of the game has just confirmed that This. Is. Origin.

Rugby League veteran Gus Gould told The Advocate just moments ago that the game of football just about to kick off, is in fact Origin.

Game 2 of this year’s series will be played in the spiritual home of Rugby League, and according to Gus and his fellow pundits at Channel Nine, this is not just a game of football.

“This isn’t any game of football. This isn’t just a game of rugby league. This is State of Origin. The greatest stage, in the greatest game of all. The cauldron in which men become immortals. In which warriors battle it out for supremacy,” an out of breath Gus said.

“The people on the eastern seaboard are about to witness the greatest spectacle in the sporting world tonight”

Gus said he just wanted to confirm to anyone out there who was uncertain about what the game was.

“Just you watch. This is it. All of you at home, enjoy your Origin football,” Gus said.

More to come.


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