A young Tasmanian family has today revealed to The Advocate the wave of relief that has washed over them since hearing the government is going to do something to help their plight.

Jason and Victoria Stevens said that they are overcome with joy after learning that both state and federal governments are going to dedicate some funds and time too alleviating a major issue affecting huge numbers of Tasmanians.

While they are currently living on Victoria’s parent’s driveway, in Victoria’s parent’s old caravan, the pair of young parents say they now have hope for a better future after learning that 700 million is being pumped into a new stadium in the city.

“It gives us something to look forward too,” explained the residents of a state that is being gripped a housing crisis that is seeing people living in tents.

Their comments come after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed he’d tip $240 million into the building of a new stadium at Macquarie point, adding to the $375 million Premier Rockliff and the state government is chucking in.

“It’s going to be awesome to take the kids to an AFL game there in 5 years time, once a year,” said Victoria, who is currently working on a minimum wage in an aged care facility.

“And it’s just so good to know the government has its priorities in check.”

“I can’t wait for these Stage Three Tax cuts to kick in as well, and one day when my grandkids are earning over 200k they can reap the benefits of the policy that will cost us 250 billion in the next decade!”

More to come.


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