In case you didn’t realise, because they didn’t complain nearly half as loudly as Melbourne did last year, Sydney has just wrapped up more than 100 days in lockdown.

Regional travel within NSW is now back on the cards – and hospitality is back up and running.

Hairdressers and barbershops around the state are completely booked out and shoppers are now officially allowed to ‘browse’.

Premier Dominic Perrottet has said the easing of restrictions was a major step forward but it also brought challenges – urging New South Wales residents to show patience as bars, restaurants, shops, gyms and hairdressers are left to police the vax status of customers without any government support or manpower.

However, while the re-emergence of society may feel foreign to many, down in the Harbour City watering holes – it’s like nothing happened at all.

Sydney’s bar flies are today back into it, furiously debating football stats and talking shit about the Prime Minister.

The number one topic of conversation, is the same exact conversation they were having four months ago before Gladys told them to stay home.

These bloody NRL rule changes.

According to the pub regulars of NSW, the games gone soft, and a spectacular finals play offs that saw an all Sydney grand final, hasn’t changed their opinion.

It’s almost like the 4 months between drinks didn’t happen at all. The conversations resume without a hitch.

At 10:30am they are all already a couple jars in, and the arguments are robust. Latrell Mitchell is being compared to Greg Inglis – and the Australian cricket team selections are under question.

They haven’t even ventured into politics yet.

It’s expected that they’ll begin to discuss the resignation of their beloved Gladys after lunch.


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