Although she’s been old enough to vote for over eighteen months, Sydney woman, Sophie Wells (18), still hasn’t seen a nightclub.

With a vast understanding of different poker machines and Asian restaurants, Sophie is yet to experience the feelings of excitement that people in other parts of the world experience when they enter a vibrant late night music venue.

“I really want to see what it’s like” she says to The Betoota Advocate.

“Maybe I’ll save up some money and visit Ibiza one day, or Brisbane”.

While Sophie hears stories from her older cousins about what Sydney used to be like before the implementation of Hillsong Sharia, she says that she doesn’t feel like she’s really missing out on much, because there’ll be no more young people living in Sydney within five years.

“It’s just too much to rent here. Let alone buy a house here like my parents did when they were first married”

“I don’t know. The moment they decide to sell up and move to Port Douglas, I guess I’ll never have anything to do with Sydney again. I might have to restart my life on The Gold Coast”

With the girls planning a big weekend discreetly drinking moonshine Sauv Blanc out of brown paper bags wrapped in beach towels on Coogee beach, Sarah says knowing what it feels like to ‘dance’ is one of five things on her bucket list.

“It just looks so fun in the movies”

“We can’t do it here though, it’s too dangerous”


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