6 June, 2016. 10:45

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AFTER SPENDING A FEW days at the infamous Croatia Boat Week festival last year, Russell Crowe found creative musical juices flowing through his body once again.

However, rather than strum and scream his way through a handful of power ballads, the veteran actor took inspiration from the iconic dance party.

“I got to see all these kids really enjoy themselves,” said Crowe.

“Watching their eyes roll back in their head, seeing only the whites of their eyes. Listening to them speak in tongues and collapse on the deck from dehydration like they’d just been shot through the brain by a sniper. It was a type of primal fun that I hadn’t seen before,”

“I wanted to recreate that vision of ecstasy that I saw that day on the Adriatic Sea.” he said.

And recreate it he has.

The Kiwi-native has announced his long-overdue return to the music industry in front of thousands of adoring fans on the Gold Coast this afternoon.

Paramedics were called as utter pandemonium struck the crowd as two revellers simply collapsed from overstimulation and excitement at the news.

Rumoured to be a seven-track banger, the album has been dubbed ’30 Odd Hours Of Munt – A Tribute To The Sounds Of Summer’ by industry insiders.

The album is set to be released later this year.



  1. I was there and it Russ kicked off his set with a massive oldskool rotary mazda thumper from AMOKK. Best moment of the night. Everyone jumped on the dance floor screaming “AMOKK”!! Took me back to the good old days of hanging out at the arcade playing table soccer and virtua racing.


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