21 May, 2017. 15:34

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A report commissioned by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsmen [TIO] has found that Australians were more appalled at the journalistic standards of the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes programme than they were at purported drug mule Cassandra Sainsbury’s past at a Western Sydney sex worker.

Last night on the nation’s peak investigative journalism outfit, reporters first flew the family of Ms Sainsbury to the Colombian capital, where they tried but ultimately failed to reunite the Adeladenese prisoner with her mother and sister.

“However, that’s when the switchboard lights began to light up,” said TIO night supervisor, Sam Partmore.

“Here we have a programme, 60 Minutes, passing judgement on a young woman with her back against the wall financially, perhaps suggesting that she’s less of a person for ‘stooping’ to sex work. As it turns out, the people of Australia tended to side with Cassie,”

“It was only a year ago when Tara Brown shit the bed royally over in Beirut. Do they think people forget about it when the tallest, richest poppy in the Australia media gets taken down a peg? Hell no.”

Close to 340 000 complaints were lodged with the TIO over last night’s show, leading to no response from the network – as they’ve done so in the past.

The Advocate reached out to 60 Minutes for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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