The record-breaking heat waves currently tormenting New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria have been described as just typical environmental-extremist hysteria.

With a top of 47 degrees celsius in Penrith yesterday afternoon, the Western Sydney town was officially recognised as the hottest place on Earth yesterday afternoon at 3 PM.

The heat wave is expected to continue today with the BOM forecasting highs of 45C in Penrith, 44C in Richmond and 43C in Liverpool and Blacktown.

Further down the map, there has been severe fire warnings in South Australia, as experts warn one loose cigarette butt could be ‘catastrophic’.

Temperatures are expected to reach up to 46 degrees Celsius, with strong north to north-westerly winds forecast and total fire bans declared for all of the state’s 15 districts.

However, former One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has accused the regional firies of manipulating evidence surrounding their existence.

“All of these lefties, including these whinging bushfires, are forgetting that it’s snowing in America right now”

“The Climate Hoax is aimed at de-industrialising our economy. This is just leftist propaganda”

As the state faces its worst bushfire conditions in history, residents across South Australia have been told to seek shelter from out-of-control fires burning near their homes, if that is what ends up happening”



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