A run of the mill local man from our town’s project home district of Betoota Heights is today looking at the silver linings.

After a bit of a shitty run, Brett Wilson (34) says he’s trying not to let the bad things in life drag him down.

The moderately respected loading dock manager at Betoota Heights Bunnings explained that despite having significant parts of his life crumble down around him, there are green shoots poking through.

“Brother, you are looking at Mr 419 in the OVERALL Classic SuperCoach rankings,” laughed Brett in between unloading pallets of garden mulch.

“That’s not in some league, or one game week. That’s in the entire SuperCoach competition.”

For those living in the past, SuperCoach is a fantasy football format that allows everyday punters to pick a team of real life players who score points based upon their on field performance.

The Classic format allows players to pick whoever they want as long as they fit under a salary cap, while the draft format is more of a captains in the school yard kind of thing.

Managing a team of players whose scores and monetary value fluctuate in the Classic League can be more demanding that being the coach of an actual football team – as Brett can testify.

“Last year, when it became apparent that my relationship was on the rocks and I was hating my job, finishing number 35,124 had me questioning whether I was really cut out for this game,” said Brett.

“But, cracking the Top 500 has turned it all around.”

“Sure, I blew over on the forklift last week after a big Friday night out with the boys and I fucking hate the department manager and the new couple of hires I’m managing.”

“But Ethan Strange is ripping and Zack Hoskings cannot stop scoring points.”

“I knew he was a POD bro, I knew he was gonna be a huge play coming out of the Penrith back row.”

“Sure, maybe he’s on the bench this week, but another couple weeks and I’m cashing cheques.”

“To quote Natasha Bedinfield, I’m feeling the rain on my skin and the rest is still unwritten.”

More to come.


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