A local tradesman from our town’s humble Flight Path District has shifted his hyper-masculinity into 5th gear today.

Brad Short-King (29) has done so with the purchase of the brand new Ford F6969 – the biggest ute the country has ever seen.

Following in the footsteps of oversized fuel guzzling icons like the F150 and the F450, the new F6969 is eight and a half tonnes of pure grunt, muscle and diesel.

The model isn’t actually available in Australia yet, with Short-King managing to import a model from the United States.

Paying an eye-watering 400 grand, the boss of a medium scale property development company that his dad set up, Short-King said the F6969 was worth every cent.

“Brother, listen to the purr when I start it up,” said Short-King, grabbing the step ladder he needs to get into the giant truck.

“Being behind the wheel is a feeling like no other,” said the smallest man on his building site, who certainly is not compensating for anything with the purchase of his new truck.

“I think a few of the boys one sight are feeling a bit threatened hahaha”

“Makes their Raptors and Zuzies look like fucking kids toys”

“They’ve been sooking how my 69 takes up like 4 parks bahahaha”

“They can probably park in the tray if they are struggling though.”

“They are just jealous of the beast I think. Tall poppy syndrome ya know,” said Short-King.

More to come.


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