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Controversial celebrity chef Pete Evans was spotted overnight in Sydney taking time out of his busy schedule to admire his own reflection in a shopfront window.

It’s understood by The Advocate that 47-year-old stepped out to get some air in North Bondi after his most recent controversy where he was slammed for promoting some bullshit naturopathic cure to COVID-19.

Evans plugged the product – The $15,000 “BioCharger” – to his Facebook followers on Thursday night, claiming it could treat a range of ailments, including COVID-19.

He described the product, which is listed for sale on his website, as a “pretty amazing tool” which he and his family “use pretty much every day”.

Leading the criticism was just about every cunt with a brain, particularly medical doctors, who say Pete Evans has never achieved anything in his life but create contrarian conspiracies with very harmful side effects to public health.

In the wake of the controversey, Evans once again faces no repercussions from authorities or the media companies that platform him like Channel 7.

No one knows how much money he might’ve made from selling a fake coronavirus treatment on the internet, but it seems he needed to take a break from the fast lane of selling pseudoscience snake oil last night.

However, according to a number of Bondi business owners and locals, last night wasn’t the first night that Evans has strolled around the beachside suburb enjoying his own reflection in windows.

“He does it all the time,” said one Hall Street restauranteur.

“He walks right up to the glass, in plain view of my customers, looks at his reflection and softly smiles to himself as he walks away chuckling. I’ve spoken to other business owners in the area and he does it to them as well.”

Echoing the restauranteur’s sentiments, a cafe owner said that Evan’s had broken wind in his cafe a number of times – sometimes while maintaining eye contact with other customers and staff.

“You know, he says something like, ‘It’s a natural, paleo body function. Why should I be ashamed of it?’ and shit like that.”

“Sometimes we put a slash of full-fat milk in is coffee just because we can.”

More to come.


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