Three Pacific Islander-Australians scaffolding on the top of a Brisbane skyscraper.



One of Queensland’s most tight-knit construction communities have this week announced plans to go on strike over One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts’ comments about Kiwis living in Australia.

Accusing New Zealand of a “hostile attitude” towards Israel, Senator Roberts suggested Australia take a stronger stance against New Zealand “settlements”.

“At the very least, we should look at further cutting benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia,” he said.

“Perhaps a tougher immigration policy aimed towards New Zealand would stop Kiwis from establishing settlements in Australia.”



The entire scaffolding industry of Queensland’s south-east corner, which is predominantly made up of deeply-rooted New Zealander and Pacific Islander-Australians, have this week put the government on notice.


Lote Rokocoko, a spokesperson for the newly-organised KIWI SCAFFERS AGAINST RACIST KUNTS (KSARK) has spoken to the Betoota Advocate about the first Australian workers strike to be organised without any help from the unions.

“The government is happy for us to spend every minute of every day on the top of half-built skyscrapers, but they aren’t happy with our kids at school??!”

The strike is currently well underway, with both small and large construction companies desperately trying to sub-contract. Most have seen little success in their attempts to replace the well-engrained Polynesian-Australian scaffolders.

A spokesperson from Queensland-based construction conglomerate, Hutchinson builders, has also spoken up.

“Jeez, I wish one of those pin-striped suits up there in Parliament would leave these blokes alone”

“We can’t replace them – and we can’t work without them. It’s bad for business”

However, with One NAtions showing no signs of bowing to the pressure of a suspended infrastructure, it looks like the tools will stay down until both sides can come to an agreement.

The Betoota Advocate have also received unconfirmed reports of similar anti-One Nation sentiments growing in several other Kiwi-centric industries including: nightclub security, NRL football and the Mormon Church.



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