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DESPITE BEING RAISED ENJOYING a level of luxury that will be hard to carry through until her dying breath, New Farm resident Kylie Dormant didn’t miss the opportunity to Instagram herself in a pair of Qantas pyjamas.

Flying home last month from her aunt’s funeral in her mother’s native Los Angeles, the 28-year-old fashion and beauty public relations account coordinator felt sad, but not as sad as she’d be sitting back in economy with all the other perverts and mouth breathers she left behind.

However, she still makes a point of wearing the night clothes Qantas gifts you when you fly business class at every opportunity.

“It’s one of the most exclusive hashtag on Instagram,” she explained. “Except, I didn’t want to ‘gram myself on the plane because my mother was still quite upset after her sister’s cremation,”

“But not everybody has a pair of these, only a certain type of discerning traveller has these pyjamas.”

Ms Dormant did explain that she “probably wouldn’t” have been able to afford a business class seat if she was travelling on her own, but as this was a family getaway, the ticket was on the old boy.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning, father Glenn Dormant said that he doesn’t like forking out for business tickets because he doesn’t want to expose his children to a life they’ll never be able to enjoy.

“Look, I’m just being a realist here,” he explained.

“Flying business class is very expensive and I only do it myself because I’m a 61-year-old property developer who’s been especially lucky in life – and I’m fucking loaded,”

“I just told want her to feel the shame of going back to economy, because she’ll be doing a lot of it if she wants to work in public relations in Brisbane.”




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