In another blow for the National Rugby League, some of their biggest sponsors have publicly slammed them today.

As the Mad Monday saga continues following the Bulldogs team enjoying a few beers in the company of their own, the NRL has now had to try and smooth things over with some of the people throwing money into the game.

The codes gambling and alcohol sponsors have hammered the NRL at a public press conference for the behaviour of some of their players, which they claim has brought the game into disrepute.

“It’s disgusting behaviour. We want people one hundred percent focused on the bombardment of gambling ads we have before and during every single match and footy related show,” said a spokesman from Sportsbet

“Fuck me, we want kids watching the sport they love, being conditioned into thinking that they will have to have hand their man card back in if they don’t ‘bet like a bloke’ and do their arse on the punt every week,” he said.

“All this Mad Monday shit, with a bunch of young blokes getting on the piss in the gaming room at a low-key pub really distracts from what NRL fans should be doing,”


He then said in a barely audible tone and an extremely fast pace.

“Please gamble responsibly.”

Alcohol sponsors have also echoed the same sentiments.

“It’s appalling behaviour. Disgraceful. It’s a terrible look for the game who advertises alcohol relentlessly during its coverage,” said a spokesman for a prominent mass produced beer sponsor

“Excessively drinking the same product we constantly advertise during the game. Not on!”

More to come.


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