Despite the fact that no one outside of Melbourne really gives a fuck about their state politics, you have to admit that the election result over the weekend was pretty hilarious.

Coming off the back of a 2018 landslide win, and three years of bushfires, pandemic lockdowns and relentless criticism – Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has effectively proven that print media is dead.

This comes after an entire term of non-stop front page character assassinations levelled towards him by The Australian and the Herald Sun – two Murdoch-owned propaganda rags that would have you believing that Andrews was not going to win a single seat because he’s a crooked Chinese-owned reptile who everyone hates.

So brazen was the Sky News / NewsCorp assault on Andrews that the entire Murdoch stable have effectively shown the world how irrelevant and out of touch they are.

This was made clear at the ballot, as the voters make it clear that their own political views are the complete opposite of the media class who spent three years stoking conspiracies and making fun of a 50-year-old man for breaking his back after working 200 days straight.

Even worse for the limping Victorian liberal Opposition is the fact that the only seats won by conservatives went to Nationals candidates in previously independent rural electorates.

Without any coal mines to open up or rivers to drain, the Victorian Nationals are now the highest-performing and most palatable right-wing party in Australia.

In fact, it’s almost like 3 years of sycophantic Coalition cheerleading on radio, TV, and broadsheet coverage was for absolutely nothing – and the political usefulness of Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt has run out completely.

The opinions and predictions offered by these Murdoch hacks appear the be the complete opposite of what the general public is thinking – no matter how hard they tried to reframe the pandemic public health orders as an infringement of human rights by a control freak dictator who was making shit up.

The only downside of this election result is the vindication of the inner-city Melbourne elite known as ‘Dan Stans’ – a growing community of bootlicking WFH yuppies who were cannonballed into generational wealth by their Kennett-voting Toorak parents.


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