As their counterparts deal with the fallout from the nation demanding some form of accountability for misogynistic behaviour in politics, the Nationals have today announced a key piece of policy.

Hoping that the historic amount of rain currently falling across the Eastern Seaboard washes away all those bloody mice!

This comes after someone at the National Party meeting this morning reminded their fellow party members that they are paid to represent regional areas and come up with initiatives and policies that improve those people’s lives.

“It’s a bold policy, but it’s something we are serious about,” said Nationals Leader Michael McCormack today.

His comments follow swathes of NSW being declared disaster zones, in places like the Mid North Coast, Hunter and Sydney’s West, as the Premier said areas were facing one in one hundred year floods.

“We are backing all this rain to wash away those pesky little rodents that I’ve heard have been giving people in regional NSW and Victoria such a hard time.”

“Someone showed me the videos of them the other day, and I tell you what, golly gosh that gave me the heebie jeebies.”

“Anyway, not a bad piece of policy if you ask me,” continued the man seemingly bundling up all of regional NSW as if the flooding was happening where the mouse plague was the worst.

“Hopefully it works”


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