Love is in the air in Betoota Grove this morning. According to a local mum, that is.

And it really shows!

Shan Buckley (61) hasn’t had to worry much about marrying off her two daughters, who’ve since settled down with their long-term boyfriends.

But it’s her son, Keiran, who appears to be somewhat of an indoor cat.

Outside of some bi-monthly binge drinking sessions with his mates from NRL Supercoach, Keiran doesn’t get out much.

That’s not a bad thing according to his mother, who’s glad that her darling boy isn’t one of those men that blows all his money down the pub.

But at 28 years of age, his lifestyle is not exactly conducive to finding a special someone.

As a red-blooded heterosexual male, Keiran doesn’t do himself many favours with his unwavering loyalty to online gaming and working out.

However, Shan reckons something may have changed this week.

“You should see him around the house” she says with a grin.

“He’s much more present, cracking jokes, helping out in the kitchen”

“I even heard him singing in the shower this morning”

According to his mum’s perhaps overly ambitious fictional storyline, Keiran must’ve fallen for one of the many lovely girls he works with down at the trucking logistics company he works for.

“I can just tell” says Shan.

“He’s definitely found someone”

However, despite mum’s hopeful theorising, a workplace affair is not really that likely at the Betoota Freight Company. The only woman that works at Keiran’s office is his boss’s 68-year-old wife Deb, who has no real interest in blowing up her 45-year marriage for a late twenties charisma vacuum.

In fact the only females that Keiran has any frequent contact with is the smokeshows that work at his preferred supplement shop, all of whom are so hot that he forgets how to talk.

Although, you could argue that they are indirectly the cause of his good mood.

Because at 5:48 this morning, Keiran finally cracked 100 kilograms on the bench press.

“Bro” he tells our reporters.

“It feels as good as I thought it would”

“I haven’t told mum yet. I’m gonna surprise her. I’ve told her I’ve got someone coming over for dinner tonight”

“I’ve lined up my spotter from the gym, Sergio, to get the CCTV footage from the staff”

“Gonna play it on the projector screen in the living room haha”


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