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Local atheist Brad Pincombe has had enough of what he has dubbed ‘activist Christians’ for saying ‘bless you’ every time he sneezes.

Mr Pincombe, who suffers from occasional asthma attacks, says springtime is particularly bad for him with pollen in the air.

“I sneeze quite a bit at this time of the year. But that’s my business… I don’t need some happy clapper telling me that I have God’s permission to continue my day afterwards,”

Working in an office in Canberra, Pincombe says that people saying ‘bless you’ is offensive to him as a non-believer. So much so, that he has decided to take the matter to court.

The case is currently before the ACT Supreme Court with sources telling us that it will be quite difficult to implement restraining orders against people in an office setting.  

This has not deterred Mr Pincombe, who stated “I’ve had enough of these in-your-face Christians. They should leave it at home,”

Speaking to Mr Smith’s colleagues, The Betoota Advocate sought to understand a bit more about their religious motivations.

It would appear that, contrary to Mr Pincombe’s claims, his co-workers are also non-practicing. With one claiming that his co-workers use the expression ‘bless you’ more so out of habit than anything else.  

“I don’t care. Religion is dumb. Leave me out of your archaic traditions!” he says.


  1. You are wrong Mr Omar, Brad as most Australians know what the Arabic greeting means, but unlike his no fear attitude to Christians he is fainting everytime you greet him because he is scared of what you might do to him….maybe behead him ? There is so much of it happening around that any cowardly atheist would know better not to insult a Muslim.

  2. Please, if he didn’t want to be blessed when he sneezes, he shouldn’t have chosen to be born in a Christian country. And I for one am sick of all these atheists using their science and logic to make us look stupid.

  3. “I am sick of all these atheists using their science and logic to make us look stupid”
    …awkward moment when science actually provides more proof there is a God than some think, and it would take an illogical fuckwit to think everything just randomly appeared out of nothing….
    lol but meh… stupid be as stupid does


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