Mr Anderson says he regrets booking the escort, but couldn't have imagined how pear-shaped the whole ordeal was going to turn.

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The FIFO (fly in, fly out) blues
The FIFO (fly in, fly out) blues. Many FIFO miners seek the company of escorts, due to the crippling loneliness of being sent away to work for up to one month straight.

A Perth man has made the shocking discovery that his wife of 8 years has been secretly working as a “high-class” escort, after he inadvertently booked her services through an online agency.

40-year-old FIFO miner Peter Anderson uncovered his wife’s clandestine side-career last week when he and several workmates solicited female escort services at a hotel in East Perth.

On Saturday July 11th, Mr Anderson and several workmates had their flight to Port Headland cancelled, prompting them to check into nearby hotel accommodation for the night.

“I guess I could’ve driven the 45 minutes home, but seeing work was paying for the rooms for the night I thought I’d just get on the beers with the boys,” Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson says he regrets booking the escort, but couldn't have imagined how pear-shaped the whole ordeal was going to turn.
Mr Anderson says he regrets booking the escort, but couldn’t have imagined how pear-shaped the whole ordeal was going to turn.

“As far as the missus was concerned, I was gone for another 14 day swing, so I figured I needn’t bother even telling her.”

Mr Anderson said he and three colleagues spent several hours drinking in the lobby bar before there was a general agreement to book escorts through an online website.

“These sites do a great job of smudging out the identities of the girls,” Mr Anderson said.

“But, looking back, I guess there’s some resemblance to the missus. But I never in a million years believed she would walk through the door.”

Mr Anderson described the discovery of his wife’s secret occupation as a horrible shock.

“At first when I saw her, I thought ‘holy crap I’m busted’, then I noticed she was quite literally dressed like a hooker,” Mr Anderson said.

“After a short domestic in the hallway she ended up staying the night and we even ordered in room service.

Mr Anderson is seeking legal advice on recovering money paid to the escort agency, on the basis that he has firsthand knowledge they falsely advertised his wife’s escort profile.

“I do still have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but one thing I’m sure of is I want a bloody refund.”

“I don’t why on earth she is hooking, lord knows we don’t need the money… I guess she just gets lonely when I get sent away,”

Mr Anderson has stated he is seeking legal advice for recovering the prior $1600 payment made to the escort service for a two hour “girlfriend experience” package, on the basis of false advertising.

“I made a booking in good faith for a 28 year old lingerie model,” Mr Anderson said.

“Now, I know for a fact that she isn’t 28. I had to buy her tickets to a fucking Katie Noonan concert for her 30th, which was at least five years ago. I’ll never forget that experience. I’m also calling bullshit on the 6-8 dress size and any mention of her being interested in cooking and the outdoors.”

Mr Anderson said as shocking as the incident was, he was in some regards grateful for making the discovery.

“I guess I can be thankful she didn’t knock on the hotel room next door,” Mr Anderson said.

“If she’d been booked by my shift supervisor Bruce Colbran, I couldn’t live with the shame. That bloke might be a great diesel fitter but he’s a notorious grub and a total fucking pig with no respect for women.”

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  1. Is this for real? A man booking an escort agency thinking he is doing nothing wrong and was shocked and amazed that his wife turned up as the escort.. Words fail me! Fair enough the wife should not have become an escort but let’s look at her husbands behaviour. By his own admission, this has not been the first time… Something is seriously amiss in this relationship… It is sad, however am on the side of the wife, the husband is a first class prick….

  2. You jerk! Refund, I’d give you a refund alright! Serves you both right. But to then go and speak about your supervisor that way? Mate, who would want you for a mate!

  3. Theres Fifo here, and dido there and men with double lives
    we all perpetuate what stays at camp don’t tell the wife
    you feel you have entitlements and Yolo is your rhyme
    but then u say yr in a prison and just doing time.
    The OMO’s on the window sill while you work away
    it’s just another sign of equal rights you have to pay
    you work away so they can play and children get their toys
    so when yr home with yr fam i ly theres no need to make a noise.

    2 verses of the song i made up about the mining industry.
    Your story above may be a scam story but it does happen. more common than u think.I agree with all comments thus far,coz once u get over the angis, jello etc IT IS FUNNY!!

  4. A farmer came home to find his wife , bags packed ready to leave .She said “I just read in the betoota advocate that women in Perth are getting $1600 for sex .”
    The farmer imediately started packing ” I’m coming too , I want to see how your going to live on $3200 a year.”

  5. If she’d been booked by my shift supervisor Bruce Colbran, I couldn’t live with the shame. That bloke might be a great diesel fitter but he’s a notorious grub and a total fucking pig with no respect for women.” oh the Irony LOL

  6. Many FIFO workers? Really? Myself and the vast majority of blokes I worked with while working FIFO were nothing but faithful and looked in disgust toward the blokes doing this shit. It was hard enough being stuck away from my wife and kids with out the dumb as dogshit stay at home mums being in my wife’s ear saying all FIFO guys do it. They fucking don’t and it’s the biggest kick in the guts when local work has gone to shit and all you want to do is get your family ahead with out living in some shit hole major city.

  7. You think your not in the wrong buddy, serves you right the both of you. U were going to cheat on her in the first place and probably would’ve if she hadn’t been an escort. You men need to start admitting that your at fault too instead of putting the blame on us chicks. I’m reality your the slut mate not her. You lie just as much as her how are you any better. I hope you don’t get your money back lord knows you don’t deserve it, what so you can go and spend it on another whore instead. I also hope that you never find another woman to lie to.

  8. Not the first time this has happened. I remember an article in the Paper in the 60’s of the same sort of thing happening. There was a great brawl & the Police were called to the fracas & it ended up in the paper. I was in the Army & in Malaysia one of my mates came back early of an Exercise & decided he wanted a white prostitute. The taxi driver took him to his house where his wife was all tarted up & working as a white prostitute. She got sent back to Australia. When I first joined the Army & on my first leave in Sydney a group of us met some Navy types, We went to a Brothel, when the girls came out one of the Navy types took off. He was found hanged not far away. One of the girls was his mother.

  9. Just OMG OMG. Are you serious man?
    Maybe you need to pay a psychologist with that money rather than a hooker.
    It would be cheaper.
    Man, I think you might just be fired now.

  10. Made up bs story. The guy has been getting sloppy seconds for years, quite possibly eating others cream pies and hes worried about a refund. bs. No pissed his wife is a whore and there jerk off is paying $1500 for 2 hours? They advertise that these woman can suck start a harley? Vice grips in their vaginas? All made up

  11. I love how you Aussies say root! I’m Canadian and was banging an Aussie girl in Europe. We got on the subject of sports and she said she liked baseball. I asked her what team did she root for? She looked at me sideways! For us Root means cheer. What a laugh, great girl.


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