Former tennis star Margaret Court’s comments about Australia’s flesh-lusting, sexually-perverted, child- brainwashing LGBTI community have been today classified as ‘disgusting’ and ‘unAustralian’ after the media spotted her wearing a colourful North African headpiece.

Court’s criticism of marriage equality for gays, which last week brought her national media headlines, as well as her most recent discriminative comments about the self-satisifying poofter community had previously flown under the radar of the Australian media’s outrage machine – that was until she started getting around in some woggy looking hat.

Public figures right across the country, from radio talkback commentators to federal politicians have called from Margaret Court’s entire legacy and livelihood to be taken from her, after her verbal attacks on hardworking Australians.

“Change the name of the arena immediately” roared Dawson MP, George Christensen.

“I kind of agreed with her until I saw that fucking hat!”

Mrs Court refuses to apologise for anything that she said and says that she would be firing off heaps of tweets about it if her God didn’t tell her to avoid both civil and technological advances



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