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When Jimmy Barnes stood in front of that burning canefield and scream his little lungs out, he was screaming them out for people like Bacardi Carter.

Once just a simple man that broke shit up and threw it in a skip for a living, the ambitious 24-year-old soon hit the books and now puts bricks together all by himself.

The oddly-outgoing Cancerian admits he spent most of his time studying down at the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club, where he’s often spotted playing on the brickie’s laptops of an evening time.

“Sometimes I win, sometimes I end up pouring my beer down the coin slot and walking out,” he said.

“One bloke even got banned a few years ago for smooshing a meat pie up the cash hole. I was there for it and it was nothing short of hilarious. But last night, last night was different,”

“I got back to back features on More Chilli, which is simply unheard of. The first one was already a big win, I just wanted to play it down to an even grand but the cunt went off again. It was my time in the sun – or the moon I should say!”

The rowdy celebrations didn’t just end in the smoking pokies, they spilled out into the bistro area where the shouts of Bacardi and his friends were heard around the building.

Doing him a huge favour, the gaming attendant insisted that winnings over $10 000 cannot be paid in cash so cut the man a cheque as he writhed around on the floor in sheer ecstasy while he spoke in tongues.

More to come.


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