Longreach cattleman, Kennedy Walker (33) knows he should probably do something about this dodgy mole that popped up on his forearm, but can’t decide where he’ll go.

Despite being recommended a long list of medical specialists in his state capital, Kennedy is toying with heading 137km north of the equator, to sovereign city-state of Singapore, in Southeast Asia.

“It’ll save me 50 bucks to not get off the fucking plane in Brisbane” he says.

Like many Western Queenslanders, Mr Walker is looking down the barrel of one thousand plus clams if he chooses to fly return to the two-horse brothel town of Brisbane, a city that Qantas seems to think is prestigious enough to cost the same as a ticket to the Southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula.

With flights overseas from Longreach via Brisbane and Sydney going cheaper than flights straight to Brisbane – there has been a steep rise in culture-shocked bushies wandering around places like Bali and Auckland – purely because they can’t stand having to go to Brisbane more than once a year for the Ekka.

However, despite the inconvenience and estimated seven hours extra travel time, Kennedy reckons he could use a night out in the gateway to Asia.

“I could use a bit of Asian fusion in my life. Might spice things up a bit”

“Plus, the doctors have got to better. They run that city like a fucking betting app”

“Why bother with some bloke in Bowen Hills when I can get some world-renowned medical practitioner on the 8th floor of Changi General”





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