With the annual day of love fast approaching, online dating app downloads have been increasing as singletons desperately try to find a date and avoid being alone on the special day.

Spin-class instructor Theresa Bunting, 29, is not one of these app-happy bachelorettes, however.

Oh, you know, I totally forgot that was coming up, she tells our reporter in the cosy lounge room of her French District apartment. January always just flies by and I barely notice when Februarys rolled around, so I didn’t even realise Valentines Day is just around the corner. Its not exactly on my radar.

When pressed for details about her plans for the evening, the sparky brunette merely shrugs offhandedly.

Well, its just another Wednesday, really. Ill probably just curl up on the couch and watch Married at First Sight. I might be dateless, but at least Im not as desperate as those losers!

Despite having applied twice to be a contestant on The Bachelor, Bunting is confident she wont consider joining a reality dating show again and instead plans to enjoy them solely from her couch with her Burmese, Sebastian.

Hes the only man I need! [laughs] Seriously though, Im in a good place right now, she says while de-corking her bottle of Rosé. I like my me-time. Honestly, a night at home is much more rejuvenating than going on some crazy date with a handsome stranger anyway.

Sure, last year was the whole dinner and roses thing, but honestly that was mostly for Brads benefit. He was always the romantic one out of the two of us.

He took me to Rue Riviére, that new celebrity chef-owned place? Super fancy, with real candlesnot the battery-operated ones. It was so beautiful. He was always doing sweet things like that.

But between you and me, I think the whole Valentines thing is actually super commercial and kind of shallow. Just another money-spinner for Hallmark and Cadbury! Im honestly glad not to have anything on this year.

Besides, flowers only wither and die… Just like Brads love for me! Ha, ha, only kidding.

When asked for comment, ex-boyfriend Brad requested that both Bunting and our reporter stop calling and leave him in peace.

At press time Bunting was reportedly watching a four-hour ‘most romantic proposals’ montage on Youtube and crying into her wine glass. More to come.


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