10 October 2016. 12:25


Prospective home buyers, Sally Simpson and Tony Johnstone had their Saturday morning ruined by a real estate agent who could not stop going on about how busy he is.

Making the trip from Betoota out to Sydney the pair was simply trying to find a new home and a change of scenery.

Instead, the young parents have had to hear at great length how the real estate agent – a self confessed “straight shooter” – has “honestly been so flat out with work he hasn’t had time to stop.”

The real estate agent, Will Watson (29) reckons that he has never been so busy in his life.

While taking the potential investors on a tour of the town he explained “That blocka dirt I sold for over half a million a few weeks back. Sold that one over there for six thirty, got this one here sold for a good mate of mine for a great price.”

“It’s just no stop for me, crazy, and look I am straight shooter but I am flatttttt out busy at the moment,” repeating his claims of busy-ness for what is probably the 10th time.  

“Honestly, you are lucky you got me really. I’ve turned my phone off for you because it would have probably been ringing of the bloody hook.”

Tony, says all he could do is remain silent and inspect the paint chipping from the ceiling, as he wondered how many more times this bloke could possibly tell him that his job requires him to do things.

“I mean I get it, he has a bit of work on, but fuck me dead… He spends more time telling us how flat strap it is at the moment, then trying to sell us one of these fucking houses.”

“I have no sympathy for some moron who can take home 3% on one of these things for nothing more than a smile and a handshake.”

“Oh please. Tell me more about how hard it is to open doors for a living and sell houses to people who only contacted you because they wanted to buy a house.”

But Bill isn’t finished yet.

“I will only hear decent offers alright. Don’t waste my time. I’m a straight shooter and I know what property is worth. So if you make me a good offer Ill sort you out okay.”


  1. it takes hours and hours to get the listing to show to buyers in the first place – that’s where you earn your 3% – not for opening the door and smiling. Buyers don’t see the hours of no pay for services that real estate agents engage in.


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