A Sydney-based health and fitness guru, who goes by the name of ‘Zen-On Fitness’ has been unable to go full beast mode this morning – due to a faulty air conditioning system at a Eastern Suburbs 24 hour gym.

It is believed his second chest session for the week was compromised heavily this morning after he noticed that the elevator from the car park was a little bit warmer than usual.

“The whole air con system was down… The whole building” he complained.

“It’s like, ummm okay… Bit weird for the Eastern Suburbs. I mean it’s Tuesday, anyone who’s got anything going for them is probably chasing a few sets and this gym can’t even get the air sorted.

“I also forgot my iPhone, so I had to listen to the Katy Perry shit blaring through the gym sound system. It’s not good for chest day”

Zen-On says he hopes the gymnasium ‘sort their shit out’ before he returns back after work to focus on arms, either that or he might have to go another franchise a couple suburbs over.

He says no one who really lifts should have to pay money for this kind of inconsistency.

“I’d already had my protein and pre-trainer on the way in, so I’m just there walking around all jacked with nothing to do”

“I tried to rattle off a few squats but I was all clammy and shit from the treadmill”

“you can’t go beast mode when it’s all hot and shit”




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